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Kawaii children's tableware in 100 yen Shop "Seria" in Japan | Japan Fun

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Kawaii children’s tableware in 100 yen Shop “Seria” in Japan

time 2017/12/20

Kawaii children’s tableware in 100 yen Shop “Seria” in Japan

If you stay in Japan with your kids, you will need tableware for them. I recommend to buy the tableware for kids at Seria, where everything sold for 100 yen.

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100yen shop, Seria

There are many 100 yen shop, or one dollar shop in Japan, such as Daiso and Cando.

Seria is popular among young ladies and mother because their product design is simple and stylish.

Seria located in all over Japan. The number of shops is about 1,400 as of Dec 2017.

I checked how many shops located in the popular destinations for Japan travelers.

Tokyo 60 shops
Osaka 97 shops
Kyoto 19 shops

In Hyogo, where I live, there are 59 Seria shops.


What to buy?


  • Size: 20.5cm x 22cm
  • Microwave friendly


Rice bowl

  • Size: diameter 10cm
  • Dishwasher friendly



  • Size: 13cm


The character of pink rabbit and yellow bear printed in kids tableware is called “Hello friends.”

As I have two daughters, I always buy pink ribbit for older, and yellow bear for smaller child.


Lunch box decoration items

My older daughter brings lunch box to her pre-school.

Seria has various lunch box decoration goods.

Rice ball wrap

This is aluminum foil with animal picture. You can wrap rice ball, called Onigiri in Japanese, with this foil and make a cute animal rice ball easily.

Cups using separation in lunch box

Seria has more than 70 cups which you can use for separation in lunch box.

I think those lunch box separation items are good gifts for those who have children.

Please go to Seria and check what you can buy for 100 yen in Japan.






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